J Flow's Story

J Flow is an international speaker, author and successful venture capitalist. Earlier investor in companies making an global impact such as Heliogen, Energy Vault and much more. It is his life purpose to cocreate intellectual property that transforms the human condition.

J Flow helps to raise awareness and fundraising for non profits throughout the world that are committed to making a positive impact. He has helped cocreate his first school in a remote village in a war torn area of Maguindanao, Philippines in dedication to his 97 year old grandmother. 


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Exciting Enlighten Millionaire Podcast 

J Flow sets to launch the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast in November. Read more about it through MarketWatch's press release!

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More about J Flow's Journey

J Flow's personal journey & experience on optimal performance before high pressure moments; how to relieve stress; prepare for high stakes business encounters

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